Consignment Policy

Consignment and resale is done by appointment only; preferable scheduling online.
The consignor will receive 50% of the agreed price. Lipstick Lounge reserves the right to discount by 15% without prior notification. If an item is in our store more than six months the price is reduced by 30%. It is the consignor’s responsibility to pick up an unsold item. If after a year the item is not sold/picked up we reserve the right to donate the item. Consignors may only call once a month to check on if their item has been sold. Once an item has been sold the consignor will receive a check one month after the sold by date.
Some items we may choose to purchase upfront and will pay you an amount by cash, check or store credit. We determine the value of these items by the current season, condition and brand.
We accept 25 items during your appointment and prefer the items to be right side out and neatly folded in a shopping bag (no hangers). Clothing, shoes and accessories must be in good condition: no rips, tears, broken zippers or stains.
We only accept authentic items. We do however authentic all designer items. When selling these items to us we need any and all authentication cards, tag, etc.
We accept clothing that are in-season or are just anticipating the next season. Items are priced on a combination of factors: styling, condition, size, age and original cost.

Vinci Consignment

212 Main Street,

Kentlands Gaithersburg, MD 20878

Phone. 301-947-5477

Email. Info@vinciconsignment.Com